10 Things You Need To Know About Keratin Hair Treatment: Benefits, Side Effects And More

Going for a keratin treatment?


Have a look at this article first. Here, you will find everything about keratin. From its definition to its benefits and side effects, here you will get everything. So, make up your mind after reading this blog and take an informed decision.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein that forms the hair, skin, and nails. Or we can say that keratin builds a protective layer for hair, skin as well as nails. For skin, this protein forms the outer layer which is known as epidermis. As it is a protective protein, it helps in skin healing and making hair and nails healthier. There are 2 forms of keratin, i.e., alpha keratin and beta keratin. Skin, hair, nails, and horns of mammals contain the former while claws, beaks, scales, and feathers contain the latter.

What is the importance of keratin?

Talking straightforwardly, keratin is quite important for hair, skin, and nails. Keratin is responsible for making the hair look shiny and frizz-free. Moreover, brittle-free nails are also the result of optimum keratin levels in the body. The appearance of your hair and nails depends upon keratin only. It helps in making the hair straight and lustrous.

Below are some of the benefits of keratin:

  • Gives shiny hair: Keratin provides shine and volume to your hair by nourishing the hair cuticles. Also, it is beneficial for thin hair. By doing so, it helps in making the curly hair more manageable and straight. Moreover, it helps in increasing hair elasticity.
  • Brittle-free nails: Who doesn’t want that their nail looks smooth and should be long enough to draw their favorite nail art? Don’t worry keratin does that job for you. It protects the nails from breaking and improves their appearance.

Where can we find keratin?

After knowing such good things about keratin for hair and nails, you must be eager to know where it is available. yes, the keratin hair treatment is quite a popular thing and you must know about it. But, there are other sources than that too. Everything has its natural sources. The chemical keratin hair treatment is the modern source of getting keratin.

So, the natural food sources of keratin are:

Quinoa, broccoli, carrots, eggs, nuts, cheese, yogurt, etc.

I think people nowadays only know about keratin hair treatments. But, you also know about the food items containing keratin. So, try to include them in your diet rather than spending money on keratin hair treatment. Not only they are sources of keratin but they will provide nutrients good for your overall well-being.

Apart from food items, keratin nowadays is available in hair shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. These keratin-based haircare products are a popular choice among people. Because they are an easy and sustainable way of introducing keratin to your hair.

Everything you need to know about keratin hair treatment:

You must have been fascinated once in life by seeing someone’s hair straight and glossy. You must have thought why my hairs are not like this. How can someone’s hair naturally be so beautiful?

But the answer here is, NO, they are not.

Naturally, no one possesses this beautiful hair. They all are chemically treated hair. Keratin hair treatments, hair smoothening, and Botox hair treatments are some of the treatments that people prefer. Let’s discuss keratin hair treatment in detail here.

Keratin hair treatment or Brazilian hair treatment is the choice of people to make their hair straight and shiny. This treatment includes the application of keratin-based chemical products to wet and combed hair. After the application, to give the hair a straight look, they are shaped by using a blow dryer or a flat iron. After this, the hair is left as it is for some days, and on the next visit, the chemical is washed from the hair. During this duration, avoid making your hair wet. Some precautions after keratin hair treatment are necessary to make the results more long-lasting and visible.

Moreover, there are several types of keratin hair treatments like Brazilian keratin, soft keratin, Japzilian keratin, keratin express, etc. One must choose the treatment according to your hair type and need.  

Benefits (pros) of keratin hair treatment:

Keratin hair treatments are beneficial for hair health. This treatment adds shine and strength to the hair. Also, it increases the elasticity of the hair by providing the hair cuticles with the required nutrients. These are the primary benefits of keratin hair treatment:

  • Manageable hair: For those struggling every day with the management of their hair, keratin hair treatment proves very fruitful. This treatment reduces the frizz in the hair and makes them more manageable. Moreover, for thin hair, this treatment helps to add up more volume.
  • Silky and straight hair: Keratin hair treatment gives shiny, lustrous, and straight hair. In contrast to hair smoothening treatment, this treatment includes the use of fewer chemicals.
  • Prevents hair fall: Keratin hair treatment repairs the hair cells and prevents split ends. This, in turn, results in less hair fall.

Cons of keratin hair treatment:

First things first. This keratin hair treatment is quite costly. The prices of the treatment rise as per the increase in hair length. So, it is not suitable for everyone’s pocket making it a less viable option.

Secondly, this treatment includes the use of some chemicals which may show some side effects after a long duration.

Moreover, there is a need to take extra care of the hair after keratin hair treatment. Precautions like not tying the hair, sleeping straight back with keeping the hair straight falling, not wetting the hair, preventing it from heat, etc. are some of the many. As this treatment demands too much extra care, it might not be feasible for everyone.

Also, the application of formaldehyde to the hair during keratin hair treatment may cause some health issues to people. It may cause respiratory issues, coughing, irritation to the eyes, nose bleeding, etc.

Keratin treatment at home:

For those who are unable to afford keratin treatments at a salon, this is for them. Keratin treatment at home includes the usage of aloe vera gel, olive oil, and honey. The application of these ingredients to hair with appropriate steps shows desired results.

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Biotin hair gummies: An alternative to keratin hair treatments:

The advent of technology and the reach of information to everyone is introducing new solutions for keratin hair treatment alternatives. Biotin hair gummies are one such solution. These biotin hair gummies containing biotin and keratin are an effective solution for hair-related issues. As biotin assists in the production of keratin, and keratin, consequently, helps in enhancing hair health. These biotin hair gummies are a convenient and easy way of incorporating keratin into your diet. Apart from biotin and keratin, these hair gummies contain more beneficial ingredients that positively affect hair health.

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Biotin Hair gummies vs. Keratin hair treatment:

This is quite an important discussion. Because one must choose what is good for them after knowing everything about all the possible options. So, can we choose biotin hair gummies over keratin hair treatments? While biotin hair gummies provide nutrition to the body internally, keratin hair treatments are a chemical treatment to treat frizzy and tangled hair. Moreover, consuming gummies will show the effects in a stipulated time duration while keratin treatment will show the results instantly. Also, the efficacy of biotin hair gummies is still questionable while keratin treatments are a proven way of enhancing hair health topically.

Why choose vitagoli hair, skin, and nail gummies:

Vitagoli biotin hair gummies are the best available option in the market nowadays. As these gummies contain substantial amounts of nutrients like biotin, keratin, inositol, zinc, folate, vitamins, etc. These nutrients provide many benefits like stimulating hair growth, strengthening hair health, reducing frizz, making the skin glow, reducing brittle nails, etc.

So, when vitagoli hair, skin, and nail gummies provide this many benefits then why not choose them? These hair gummies are a boon to those who are facing hair issues every day.


After reading everything about keratin hair treatment, you must have been informed enough to take an informed decision. About knowing all the benefits and side effects, you can choose whether it is the right one for you or not. Also, if someone doesn’t want to go for a keratin treatment, vitagoli hair, skin, and nail gummies are a convenient solution. These gummies are formulated keeping in mind the needs of individuals. So, they are a good option for those.

I have tried to cover every aspect of keratin treatment but let me know if I could have added something more.

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