7 Ways To Stop Hair Fall For Females At Home

Hair fall, one of the stubborn problems everyone is facing out there nowadays, is not fading despite several treatments. It is one of the most highlighted issues nowadays and is getting immense attention from everyone. People are giving their time to it because they are facing the issue whereas the beauty industry is interested in it as they are trying to find a hardcore solution for it every day. Despite everyone’s efforts for it, the problem remains inevitable.

Every day you must notice your hair strands on your pillows, bedsheets, floor, bathroom sinks, washbasins, etc. Above all of them, they are now in your food also. How disgusting you must have felt? Because no one wants hair around themselves all the time. You clean the floor once and again after a few hours, the situation seems the same. I know this is so irritating.

You feel tired of using all of the solutions, remedies, and ways, but didn’t get the desired results. So, now you give up even on the idea of healthy hair again.

But, you should not lose hope at this stage also. Still, you can try some home remedies to reduce your hair fall. Some effective home remedies can help with hair loss.


There can be several reasons for hair fall. Due to a rapidly changing lifestyle, one cannot figure out the exact reason behind it. But, we can guess some of the ones.

  1. Hormonal imbalance: Women often face hormonal changes because of their lifestyle changes. Also, when they undergo menopause or pregnancy, their bodies change rapidly. Moreover, when entering puberty, they can face the same issue. So, as a result, hair fall in females becomes more evident.
  2. Medical treatments: This might be a strong reason for the prevalent hair loss. Because taking medicines for any condition can affect negatively your hair health. Cancer medications, anti-depressants drugs, birth control pills, etc. can negatively affect overall hair health.
  3. Genetics: Women face hair loss sometimes due to genetic factors. When someone in the family has faced baldness, hair thinning, etc. then this is sure that they will going to face the problem.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies: Females often lack in their nutritional needs due to their 4G lifestyle. They miss a balanced diet consisting of all the required nutrition in a proper amount. That’s where the role of the supplement comes into play. Some of the prominent deficiencies one faces are biotin, iron, folate, zinc, etc. deficiencies. To cater to these deficiencies, individuals opt for supplements.
  5. Stress: This is one of the most significant contributors to hair fall in females. The ample level of stress women is facing nowadays due to immense work pressure, family pressure, etc. reasons is making them more susceptible to hair fall.
  6. Chemical therapies: Females having chemotherapies or radiation therapies as a part of their treatment faces more hair fall. Hair fall being one of the side effects of these therapies is quite common and women often go bald after them also.
  7. Age: As women pass a certain age, their body’s ability to pass on the blood to their hair follicles decreases. This even results in more hair loss in females. So, women often prefer hair supplements after a certain age to combat this problem.

Symptoms of hair fall:

Now, you can’t name hairs on your brush hair fall. Because shedding 50-100 hairs every day is normal. Hair fall beyond this number is hair fall. Certain conditions of hair fall are listed here:

  1. Hair thinning: Gradual loss of hair every day that results in hair thinning in females. It can also result in thin ponytails.
  2. Baldness patches: People face bald patches after facing hair loss for a particular time.
  3. Excessive shedding: When you notice hair everywhere around you, it can be excessive shedding of hair. When washing your hair, you get a bunch of hair in your hands. This is also a symptom of excessive hair shedding. 

Apart from them, gradual thinning of hair line is also a symptom of hair fall. Women often face embarrassment at workplaces, at home, and other places due to their hair lying on their clothes. Altogether this is known as hair fall.

How to stop hair fall at home for females by using hair masks?

Want to know about some home remedies for reducing hair fall. This section of the article deals with all the homemade recipes that can help to stop hair fall.

  • Egg hair mask:

There are a lot of egg hair masks for hair. One should choose them wisely according to their needs. Egg masks can be helpful for dandruff, frizzy hair, hair fall, and hair growth. You can apply egg yolk mixed with olive oil or honey or curd or coconut oil suiting the requirement of your hair problem type. Apply the mask to your hair for at least 30-40 minutes to see its visible results. Then wash your hair with shampoo to get rid of the smell. To reduce the intensity of the egg smell from your hair, you can add lemon juice or vinegar to honey to your hair mask. The proteins in the egg yolk are quite nutritious for hair health. So, don’t skip this mask due to the smell of eggs.

  • Onion juice:

You must know the importance of onions for hair growth. This wonder ingredient holds the ability to regrow hair from the bald scalp (due to excessive hair fall). However, the results may vary from person to person. To apply onion juice to your hair, first, you need to extract the juice from the onion. After that, you should apply the juice to your hair and leave it for about an hour. Finally, wash your hair with shampoo.

  • Aloe Vera hair mask:

This unmissable ingredient is surely a wonder ingredient for hair, skin, as well as overall health. For hair, you need to use the Aloe Vera white gel. You can either scoop it out in a bowl or you can directly apply it to your hair scalp and length from the leave itself. Then leave it for about an hour. After that wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo. It will help in making the hair frizz-free and will make them appear healthier after every usage. Also, it helps get rid of dandruff along with reducing hair fall.

  • Methi hair mask:

Methi as an ingredient has several antibacterial properties and other beneficial properties too. Apart from doing wonders for the skin and overall health, it is highly beneficial for hair growth, reducing dandruff, and promoting a healthy scalp. To use them for hair, soak 2 spoons of methi seeds overnight and then grind them into a fine paste. Apply the paste to your hair and wash it after an hour with a shampoo.

  • Rosemary leaves:

Rosemary leaves are an herb that is quite potent to treat hair loss in females. There is a visible result of rosemary leaves in promoting hair growth. As these leaves can be used in the form of oil, spray, tea, and a paste too. To utilize its goodness, boil the rosemary leaves in water for 15-20 minutes. Then let it cool for some time till a pinkish hue appears on it. Then strain the water in a bottle. With proper care, you can store it for 2 weeks in a refrigerator. Now, this water can be used as a spray before hair wash. Leave it for 30-40 minutes on the hair before hair wash.

  • Hibiscus flower:

Both hibiscus flowers and leaves contain goodness that is highly beneficial for hair. One can use hibiscus oil or water spray or hibiscus mask to treat damaged hair. For hibiscus oil, one needs to boil the leaves and flowers along with coconut oil for a while and then use it as hair oil before hair wash. Moreover, for hibiscus hair spray, one can boil the leaves and flowers into the water for a while and then strain it into a spray bottle and use it on the hair. For the hair mask, one can grind the flowers and mix them either with neem powder or onion juice. All the above ways are fruitful for hair growth and treating dandruff.

  • Reetha-shikakai hair mask:

They are age-old ingredients to treat hair issues in women. You must know about these through your mother or grandmother. As they always use to praise the benefits of them. Reetha and shikakai are proven ingredients due to their promising results. Apply the powder of these mixed with honey or rosewater or curd or anything. After then, wash it with shampoo.

For more hair masks that will give you a shiny and frizz-free look, have a look at this article: Keratin Hair Treatment At Home

Lifestyle patterns to reduce hair fall in females:

Now, you know about some homemade recipes to control hair fall at home for females. But, there are some lifestyle patterns you need to follow to have healthy hair. Hair masks or any hair product is of no worth if you are not following a healthy lifestyle. All in vain if you are not concerned about your overall health and well-being.

  1. Manage stress: Stress is the major contributor to hair fall in women. If you can manage your stress and anxiety levels, then you can achieve anything. Because for healthy well-being and healthy hair locks, managing stress levels by indulging yourself in some recreational activities is important.
  2. Eating a healthy diet: Having a bowl full of nutrients is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. Because it will not only keep you fit but also provide the nutrients required by your hair follicles, scalp, and internal organs. It is the primary check for having a balanced lifestyle.   
  3. Indulge in physical activities: Including yoga and exercise as a daily curriculum is a must for everyone. Because it will not only help in relieving stress but also ensures complete blood circulation in the overall body. This, in turn, will assist in healthy hair growth as they will also get their nutrition.
  4. Drink plenty of water: Water not only helps the skin to achieve radiance and plumpness but also helps the hair to become healthier. Staying hydrated will ensure the transportation of nutrients to the overall body effectively. So, it will help in achieving healthier hair locks.

Which foods to eat for reducing hair fall?

Now, you should know about the food items that are a must for showing a visible difference in hair fall for females. These food items are nothing fancy, but just your regular food items. You might not know which food will keep you healthier and has more nutritious benefits. But, with this article, you will develop an understanding of them too. Some of the food items are:

  • Proteins: Lentils are a rich source of protein for vegetarian people. Also, the egg contains a high amount of protein. This nutrition is a must for making the hair healthy as the hair is primarily made up of protein.
  • Vitamins: All vitamins hold importance for healthy human well-being. But, specifically, vitamins B12, B6, vitamin A, vitamin E are of more importance.
  • Biotin: This vitamin is essentially important for hair health. As this is the one that nurtures hair health. Also, it is responsible for the formation of keratin, which makes it even more important. To know more about biotin, read here: Biotin Unleashed

Now, consuming all the required nutrition from food items seems an impossible task for busy people. For them, comes the vitagoli hair, skin, and nail gummies, which contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. These hair gummies are a rich source of all the nutrition that will assist in healthier hair growth along with frizz-free and shiny hair. For the busiest and non-busiest women out there, vitagoli hair gummies are a boon to tackle all hair-related issues. The benefits delivered by the biotin gummies are beyond imagination. As it will take care of your hair, nails, and skin.

Tips to control hair fall at home for females:

Apart from including healthy food and changing things about your lifestyle, you can also use some hair care tips to control your hair fall. These tips will ensure you healthy hair along with healthy skin and overall well-being.

  1. Use mild shampoos instead of strong sulfate shampoos as it will cause less damage to your hair. However, using sulfate shampoos once in a while is necessary to get rid of the excess buildup in the hair. 
  2. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel after hair wash. Instead, pat dry them with a towel. This will ensure less breakage due to less friction between the towel and the hair.
  3. Sleeping on silk pillows will also help to reduce the friction between the hair and the pillow.
  4. Eat a nutrition-rich balanced diet to include all the necessary nutrition in the body.
  5. Indulge yourself in yoga, meditation, and exercises to have a healthy inner-self. The benefits will reflect on your hair health also.


In a nutshell, we can say that preventing hair fall in females is not an easy task. It will require your determination and will to include all the healthy habits in your lifestyle.

For an easy and convenient solution, hair supplements like vitagoli biotin hair gummies are a must-try. They will give you healthy hair in the easiest way possible. It is a hassle-free method to include biotin and related nutrient in your diet.


1. What is the reason for hair fall in women?

Ans. The ample amount of stress and lifestyle changes are the biggest contributor to hair fall in females. Also, due to genetics and hormonal changes, hair fall occurs in women.

2. Does onion juice will lead to hair fall in women?

Ans. As far as onion juice is used to help regrow hair. But, excessive usage of onion juice can result in hair loss due to the Sulphur content in it.

3. How can hair fall be reduced at home?

Ans. Hair fall in women can be reduced by including a balanced diet, yoga, exercise, stress-free environment in their lifestyle.

4. Do hair supplements work with hair loss in females?

Ans. Yes, definitely. Hair supplements for women help with providing the required nutrition to the body and reducing hair fall. Vitagoli biotin hair gummies as hair supplements are one of the best options available in the market.

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