Tired Of Hair Problems? Let’s Talk About It.

Tired Of Hair Problems? Let’s Talk About It.

Having a bad hair day? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. All of us have had a hair problem day and sometimes this day turns to days. Hair is the crown of one’s head. It isn’t just there to make you look pretty. Scientifically, it is proven that hair protects the skin and regulates the temperature. Another major role of hair is to reduce the impact of trauma on the head. Changes in hair with time are a social marker of the stage of life you are in. Also, there is so much cultural significance involved around hair. It is a symbol of purity while cutting someone’s hair means trying to humiliate and scare someone.

Hair is considered the symbol of female strength and beauty and is often the point of fascination for many poets. Now with the fast-changing world and busy lifestyles, it is sometimes difficult to keep our hair as the priority and hence they suffer.

Since it is Women’s Day let’s talk about some common hair problems we deal with. Also as someone on a journey to achieve healthy hair, we have given some hair care tips that work.

Hair Problems We Face – 

Hair Fall 

We know hair fall is disheartening. It is believed that losing 50 to 100 stands of hair a day is normal but if you are losing more than that, this is when it becomes a hair problem. Some of the most plausible reasons for hair problems are – seasonal changes, hormonal fluctuations, nutritional deficiencies, and medical conditions. Birth control pills and other medicines used for acne or antidepressants also trigger hair fall. Stress plays a significant role in worsening hair fall.

Split Ends

Split ends are the first sign of the hair being damaged. As the name suggests the end of the hair strand splits. They are a very normal hair problem to face but it does not mean that we should let them be. The major causes of this hair problem are heat damage, environmental impact, and also over styling of hair.  Split ends are very easy to deal with – get regular trims. Also don’t forget to hydrate the ends of the hair.


Dandruff is truly a nuisance especially when you are wearing black clothes. It is not only a sign of an unhealthy scalp but it also impacts the confidence in public. It can be a chronic condition called Seborrheic dermatitis that causes scalp inflammation and red and yellow flakes. An unclean scalp can cause oil build up which can trigger even more dandruff.

Frizzy Hair 

Frizz is the bane of sleek hairstyles that happens due to a lack of hydration in the hair. The hair fights back by absorbing excess moisture and then swelling. Mostly occurs due to humidity, but washing and styling are equally responsible. Using harsh shampoos, hot water, and touching the hair very often are some of the common reasons why the hair gets frizzy.

Premature Greying 

Grey hair is considered as a sign of aging. Do I have a few strands of grey hair? Yes, I do. Is it a sign of aging? I don’t think so. Stress plays a pivotal role in premature greying of hair. Lack of Vitamin B-12, copper, and omega-3 is also one of the reasons for this hair problem. Smoking is not just terrible for health but it causes premature greying as well.

Greasy Hair

Does your hair also get greasy right after a hair wash? That’s not uncommon. The sebaceous glands on the scalp start producing too much oil. The common reasons can be touching the hair too often (very guilty!), and using dirty combs and towels. Another reason for this hair problem is applying conditioner to the scalp. Brushing the hair too many times can also increase oil production.

Dry Hair 

Greasy scalp and dry hair and you are all set for a bad hair day. Using too much heat on hair can strip it of the natural oils. Too much sun, too much wind, too much shampoo, and too much chemicals are the contributing factors to dry and brittle hair. Deep conditioning and regular oiling hair can treat this hair problem to some extent.

Hair Care Tips For Healthy and Beautiful Hair – 

  • Use products that are gentle and chemical-free.
  • Minimize the heat use or use the lowest setting.
  • Regularly oil the hair.
  • Get regular trims.
  • Use a satin or a silk pillow to minimize friction.
  • Take Hair and Skin Vitamin Gummies.
  • Cover your hair when in the sun for a long time.
  • Use conditioner only on the tips of the hair and not the scalp.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair.
  • Incorporate lots of protein in your diet.
  • Finish your 8 glasses of water.
  • Try meditation and other stress-relieving exercises.

Summing Up

Hair problems such as hair fall, premature greying, greasy or dry hair, and dandruff are not foreign concepts. The fast-paced life is taking a toll on our health and hair is the first one to take the hit. However, it is not impossible to get your gorgeous and healthy hair back. Taking some time off your schedule to give some love to your hair will do. Avoiding chemical treatments and opting for a more holistic approach will not just do wonders for your hair but for your complete well-being.

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