5 Effortless Ways To Deal With Your Postpartum Belly 

5 Effortless Ways To Deal With Your Postpartum Belly 

Women go through a lot of changes in their bodies and pregnancy is one such phase. Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy and it simply does not end with the baby being born. So if your postpartum belly is still there after giving birth, fret not it is completely normal. 

During pregnancy, the muscles and ligaments around your belly stretch, and an extra layer of fat is formed to nourish the baby, after giving birth your body starts to burn off this layer. Right after giving birth hormonal changes cause the postpartum belly to go back to the pre-pregnancy state.  Normally it takes up to six to eight weeks for the belly to return to its normal size however sometimes it may take longer. Many women struggle to get rid of this postpartum belly as they are eager to reclaim their old bodies. Your diet, exercise, and genetics all will affect your body changes.

So in this blog let’s talk about various tips you can follow to bid adieu to belly fat.

Tips to follow for postpartum belly fat loss – 


Starting with exercises is really important for postpartum belly reduction. Begin with gentle exercises such as walking. Walking for 20 minutes is a very convenient way to start the belly reduction journey. Another exercise that you can do is – Pelvic tilt which can strengthen your abdominal muscles and also tighten them. Kegel exercise can tone your pelvic muscles that support the uterus, bladder, and rectum. The happy baby yoga pose is very effective for improving the pelvic muscles as they often become tight and painful after childbirth. You can also incorporate more strenuous exercises as time passes.

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Eat well

A balanced diet plays an important role in postpartum belly fat reduction. Take foods rich in fiber, fats, and protein to manage weight. Adding fruits and vegetables with various vitamins and minerals can impact the overall health. Avoid high-mercury seafood like tuna and mackerel. Adding whole-grain foods and foods rich in folate such as green leafy vegetables is also effective. Avoid eating sugary and processed foods. Also, drink your 8 glasses for proper hydration.

Belly Wraps and Belts

Belly wraps or maternity belts can help in the process of postpartum belly reduction. These wraps can support posture and also reduce back pain. Those who undergo c-sections find these belts very useful as they help in healing the incision better. However, you should stop using the belts and wraps if you experience them cutting off any circulation.

Take Rest 

Aim for proper sleep as sleep deprivation can impact your postpartum belly reduction. Incorporate stress-relieving activities into your daily routine, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or gentle stretching, to promote overall well-being and support your body’s natural healing process.


Probiotics are live good bacteria that are introduced into your gut to improve your digestion and relieve you of issues such as gas and bloating. These probiotics are naturally present in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, and kimchi. Probiotics also help to balance the microbiome of the gut increasing the good bacteria and decreasing the bad ones. 

Probiotic Gummies can be taken anytime however special focus can be given to them, especially pre and post-pregnancy. Probiotic gummies can be taken to relieve early pregnancy symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and nausea. These supplements are extremely good for the postpartum belly. Studies have also confirmed that these probiotics are safe to take and effective. 

Probiotics can also reduce the duration and intensity of postpartum depression and baby blues. The gummies also contain prebiotics which can help in producing healthy breast milk for the baby. Additionally, they can be passed to the baby to reduce the gut discomfort in the baby as well.

Another issue faced post-pregnancy is uterine infections caused by Bacterial vaginosis. Probiotic gummies can reduce vaginosis and restore the pH of the vagina.

Arechar Nutra’s Vitagoli is a perfect choice for probiotic gummies. These gummies have Bacillus coagulans as the probiotics taking care of all the digestive needs. Chicory extract is a prebiotic that improves bowel movements and has proven as a food for good bacteria. The other important component is apple cider vinegar which aids in weight loss and blood sugar regulation. Algal DHA poses as a wonder for heart and liver health. One gummy a day is ample to improve your digestive, vaginal, and mental health.

Summing Up

By adopting holistic approaches such as exercising, diet, and probiotics, you can reclaim your pre-pregnancy body. However, it is important for you to approach the postpartum belly with patience and realistic expectations. Remember, it took nine months for your body to undergo significant changes during pregnancy, so it’s unrealistic to expect immediate results. Be kind to yourself and understand that the journey to a flat belly will take time.

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