Easy Skincare Routine To Make Your Skin Flawless 

Sun, Sweat, Skin - Easy Skincare Routine To Make Your Skin Flawless

“Keep your face in the sun and you will never see the shadows” – Helen Keller

The sun here is the metaphor for all the things positive and it conveys the message of looking at the brighter side of things rather than looking at the negatives. But if we take this quote literally then keeping your face in the sun can be the root cause of a lot of skin woes. Being in the sun without proper measures can cause sunburn, hyperpigmentation, premature aging, fine lines, and dry skin. And it is finally summertime which means the sun scorching over our heads for longer than usual. But worry not by making a few tweaks to your skincare routine you also can make your skin healthy and radiant all season long.

The Suitable Summer Skincare Routine – 

  • Cleanse And Be Clean – go for a sulphate-free, gentle cleanser to remove the excess oils. Cleansing the face also helps in preventing acne as the overproduction of oil can cause trigger breakouts. Gentle and natural cleansers can make the skin radiant and supple and also reduce inflammation due to the sun. Adding cleansers containing eucalyptus or menthol to your skincare routine can give a cooling and refreshing sensation to the skin.
  • Moisturize And Be Supple-switch to an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer during summer as the moisturizers from winter can feel heavy on the skin and can lead to more sweating. Exposure to sun and dry winds can make your skin dry and this is where the moisturizer comes into play. Make sure the moisturizers have ingredients like green tea, rice water, hyaluronic acid, and glycerine.
  • Sunscreen And Then Step Out –apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun. Make sure to apply Sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before you go out and give it some time to penetrate and form an invisible shield when going out. Also, it is advisable to reapply it every 2-3 hours as there is no confirmation of how long it will work. The FDA advises applying at least SPF 15 or higher to prevent the risk of getting skin cancer.
  • Exfoliate But Not Too Much –it involves the removal of the top dead skin but remember to be gentle. Exfoliating too much can irritate the skin making it too red. If you have dry skin then you can add lactic acid to your skincare routine as it is gentle and adds ceramides and moisture to the skin. For oily skin, you can go for salicylic acid as it penetrates into the pores and also removes black and whiteheads.
  • Hydrate Always – drink your eight glasses of water for radiant skin. It might sound like an exaggeration but drinking water can really improve skin quality. Water can improve the elasticity of the skin and make it more bouncy and supple. It can help flush out toxins and also balance the pH to give healthy skin.
  • Get Out Of The Sweaty Clothes –sweating too much and staying in those sweaty clothes creates a friendly environment for the bacteria to grow. It not only gives a stench but can also lead to rashes or a serious condition called Folliculitis. It is a condition of inflammation of the skin and red pimples are formed around the skin follicles.
  • Add Antioxidants To The Skin Routine – the UV rays from the sun give free radicals which are one of the main reasons for premature aging and cell damage. Adding antioxidants to the skincare routine be it in the diet form or through serums can prove to be very effective as they prevent free radical damage. Eating berries rich in antioxidants, and vitamin C-rich fruits, or applying creams with antioxidants reduces the chances of oxidative stress.
  • Take Your Gummies – Vitagoli Skin Supplements For Glowing Skin are a one-stop solution to all your problems skin. These gummies are made with the goodness of Biotin also called Vitamin B7 and it promotes the production of collagen which is vital for the skin. Also, the gummies have Keratin, Inositol, and Folate all of which are good for the skin and for overall health. Vitamin C is a staple of all topical skincare products and is also present in the gummies and it improves the hydration of the skin. Sea Buckthorn and Grape Seed Extract are both antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidative stress or sun damage. Adding Vitagoli a day in your skincare routine can be very fruitful in trying to improve the beauty inside out in a holistic way.

Makeup Tips and Tricks For Summers – 

The scorching sun in the summer can melt the makeup of anyone’s face. But fret not as by following the steps you can have flawless makeup irrespective of the heat and humidity.

  • Often having a full face of makeup can make your face heavy and can easily melt off with the seat. So, go for a lighter foundation or a tinted moisturizer to keep the base light and airy.
  • Go for products that you can use in multiple steps of your skincare routine.
  • Never miss the sunscreen even when putting makeup on.
  • Go matte as creamy and glossy looks often do not last.
  • Use lip balms with SPF as the sun can cause pigmentation.
  • Never forget to put base makeup on the neck.
  • Use a waterproof mascara to prevent sweat from spoiling the eyes.  

End Thoughts 

By following the above-mentioned skincare routine you can keep your face in the sun without it posing as a threat to the radiance of your skin. By following a skincare routine, opting for products that suit your skin, and taking your gummies religiously you can also keep your skin happy and healthy. The only key is consistency and your efforts will be rewarded with glowing skin all summer long.

 So, Let’s Embrace The Sunshine With Zeal.

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