Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

The brain is the most complex and one of the most important organs of the body. It controls everything you do, from walking to running, thinking to speaking and breathing. This is the main reason to keep your brain healthy. There are many foods available that keep your brain healthy if you eat regularly. Or, if you do not get enough time or often forget to take these items, then you can consume Vitagoli Pre and Probiotic Vitamin Gummies. These gummies are rich in omega-3 which improves the development and function of the brain.

Brain plasticity is also known as neuroplasticity the brain learns new things or gains new information, repairs broken ones, and grows new connections.

In this blog, we will discuss the various tips that help you to keep your brain healthy and fit.

Tips to boost brain function

There are many ways to keep your brain healthy such as food, exercise, and supplements. Some are such as – 

Be active mentally

Those who are mentally active have less chance of developing dementia and other cognitive problems. So, here a question arises, what counts as mental activity? Any activity that your brain involves such as thinking, learning new things, memorizing, reading, sudoku or crossword puzzles, playing games like chess, playing cards, etc. Additionally, watching TV does not stimulate your brain so minimizing watching time and doing brain work will stimulate your brain.

In children, 90% of the brain develops by the age of 5, and the rest 10% develop from the age of 7 to adulthood. To improve your child’s memory, try to involve them in various activities and also provide them with healthy food such as dry fruits like walnuts, cashew, etc, or supplements such as Vitagoli algal DHA omega 3 gummies.

Do Physical activity

Just like the brain, you should also keep your body healthy. Doing physical activity will increase blood flow which carries essential nutrition and oxygen to your brain. This leads to reduced risks of developing dementia and other cognitive problems. Physical activity is good and improves your overall health, which is very helpful for better brain health. So always try to do exercise for 30-60 minutes daily or you can join a gym and go 5 days a week at least.

Doing a moderate amount of physical activity is the key to living a healthy life – doing too much or too little may be harmful. Swimming and walking are the two best activities to increase your heart rate.

Ensure sufficient sleep

Taking sufficient sleep is essential for both physical and mental health. When you go to sleep, your brain will rest and repair itself. Taking sufficient sleep will improve the function of your cognitive and reduce the risk of evolving cognitive and dementia problems. However, getting 7-8 hours of sleep is more beneficial and makes you feel fresh in the morning. So try to get plenty of rest to make your health good. If you are facing difficulty sleeping, you can try Vitagoli multivitamin gummies, which will provide you with essential nutrition for your body.

Avoid alcohol/ tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco both are directly linked to an increase in the risks of developing cognitive and dementia problems. It also increases the risks of developing a wide range of health problems such as cancer. So, avoiding tobacco and alcohol is the best option, if you can. If you are a smoker, then quitting smoking is the best option to live a healthy life. When we come to alcohol consumption, it is advised to take in the limit, a maximum of two drinks per day not more than enough. Drinking more will affect your sleeping cycle and damage your liver. Consuming daily they recommend will not only affect your health but also it will damage your liver and lungs.

Consume Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, oily fish, olive oil, and whole grains. Food that has less salt and is almost free from bad fats that are commonly found in Indian household foods. Eating fresh and healthy foods will lower the risks of developing cognitive and dementia problems. 

Omega-3 is the most important fatty acid for your brain. There are many foods and supplements available such as walnuts, cashews, tuna fish, salmon fish, etc. and the supplement is Vitagoli vitamin gummies with algal DHA. This omega-3 is also beneficial for heart health.

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Take care of your feelings and thoughts

Your thoughts and feelings are directly linked to your Mental health and the Mental health is important for your brain health. Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are linked to risks of increasing dementia and cognitive problems. So, try to control your thoughts and feelings. This can be done by doing physical activity, eating healthy foods, and having plenty of sleep daily. It can also be done by doing meditation or yoga daily. Always try to be positive and think positively, this will lead to better mental health.

Stay Social

Meeting friends and family is important for brain health as well as mental health. Studies show social interaction will help to release dopamine and to keep your brain healthy. Regularly meeting new people and being socially active will help practice your transactive memory and reduce depression. Social interaction can be done by spending time with a known one, joining a club, or some organization, or being a volunteer in your community.

Try new things

Learning new things throughout life will improve your mental health and make you busy. This new thing will help us to live a better life because “Knowledge is power”. Even learning the rules of the new game helps to keep the brain healthy and build a new connection between brain cells.

Last lines

Mental health is more important because it controls all the functions of the body. To keep your brain healthy there are several tips, food, and supplements available. However, all the tips are important, food is also important to consume because it provides sufficient nutrition for proper function of the brain. 

I hope this blog post is helpful for you and helps to keep your brain or mental health good.

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