Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster and Thicker?

Who does not want to grow hair faster and thicker? I think aliens if they don’t have a head. Jokes apart, having thicker hair is a desire of everyone, whether it’s children, adults, or older people. It is beyond age and gender as thicker and lustrous hair is everyone’s life wishes.

So, have you ever seen a person with gorgeous long and thicker hair and ended up asking about their hair care routine? And then they say it’s natural hair growth. However, they may be right due to good hair genes. 

But now, you may be thinking that you can’t get good hair if it only depends on genes. So, the answer is NO. Numerous factors are responsible to grow hair faster and thicker despite genes.

But, it is also true that nowadays people have no time to take care of themselves and their hair. For that reason, Vitagoli vitamin hair gummies are now gaining popularity among people as it comes in the form of chewable soft candy which makes it easy and convenient to add to the diet. And contains all the essential nutrients one needs for thicker healthy hair. 

What are Hair gummies?

Hair gummies is a dietary supplements containing vitamins, minerals, and other useful nutrients which promote the growth of hair faster and thicker. It even helps in hair regrowth if the growth of hair stops due to nutrient deficiencies. 

With the use of gummies, one does not need to invest too much time to follow traditional hair care routines to grow hair faster and thicker.

So, what is the magic behind the hair gummies which helps in hair growth? 

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Ingredients of gummies

The magic behind hair gummies is none other than their ingredients include

Biotin:- It is the star ingredient of hair gummies which is responsible for the synthesis of keratin. Keratin is the protein that promotes the growth of hair follicles and provides strength to the hair. 

Vitamin C:- It provides antioxidants that protect the hair from oxidative damage caused by free radicles. Additionally, it promotes collagen production which enhances the quality and thicker hair. 

Vitamin D:- The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin D improve the scalp’s health. Also, a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body reduces hair fall issues which leads to increased growth of hair faster.
Vitamin B6:- Hormonal imbalance is also one of the major causes of hair loss. The use of Vitamin B6 regulates the imbalance of hormones, including the hormone responsible for fast hair growth. 

Vitamin B12:- It helps in the production of red blood cells which is carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle leading to improve hair quality and promoting hair growth. 

Folate:- Vitamin B9 is responsible for cell division which increases the formation of new hair cells that improves hair growth and thickness of the hair.

Zinc:- It is one of the essential minerals that leads to promoting healthy hair. Zinc is not only a great antioxidant but is involved in cell division and protein synthesis as well. Cell division helps in forming new hair cells and the synthesis of protein that is keratin helps in the growth of hair faster and thicker.

These are the main ingredients that are responsible for the healthy growth of hair.

What are the factors affecting healthy hair?

Several factors affect healthy hair which leads to poor hair issues are:
•    Stress:-
 Nowadays people are taking too much stress about their work life and personal life. As stress impacts overall health as well as your hair. This contributes to a lot of hair problems such as hair fall, and hair dullness. So, people need to manage their stress to grow hair faster in a healthy way.

•    Hormonal changes:-
 It is mostly seen in women during pregnancy, menopause, and puberty. There is a lot of fluctuation that occurs at that time leading to cause hair problems that may be fine later. But, following a good lifestyle can conquer that situation in a very short time.

•    Environmental factors:- 
Environmental elements such as pollution, UV radiation, and humidity also affect hair health. So, a person must protect their hair by wearing a cap or applying a protective covering to reduce the effects.

•    Hydration:- 
One needs hydration for the body as well as hair. A dehydrated body not only makes a dry body but dry hair, split ends, and dull hair as well. Hydration is a must to keep the moisture locked into the hair. So, drink plenty of water to keep yourself and your hair hydrated.

•    Nutrition:-
A well-balanced diet is a need to grow your hair faster and thicker. So, consume enough amount of vitamins, minerals, and other essential components to avoid nutrient deficiencies. As nutrient deficiencies are one of the major reasons for poor hair health.

•    Hairstyling:-
Using heating tools and chemical-based creams regularly leads to cause dryness, dullness of hair and scalp as well as hair fall. Hair loss may also occur by doing a tight hairstyle regularly. So, avoid using these methods to protect your hair. 

•    Genetics:-
Your hair texture, thickness, type, and quality depend upon your genes. One cannot change their genes as it naturally comes from their parent. However, one may treat their hair to some extent but cannot completely transform it into something else.

It is possible to get healthy hair by the use of hair gummies. But, if you are having certain conditions due to genetics then gummies may not help you to treat them. In that case, consult a healthcare professional for personalized treatment depending upon your condition.
Now, you may be concerned about buying hair gummies. Let’s find out.

How to find good hair gummies?

It is important to note that one must choose hair gummies wisely while buying them. Look for a reputed brand that is transparent about their ingredient. Also, it should be approved by FDA and has certification from certain foundations such as NSF to ensure quality assurance. Check if it’s cruelty-free and does not contain any heavy metals.

Also, one should check the gummies thoroughly in the case of intolerance such as lactose and gluten intolerance to avoid further allergy. By solving all the problems, here come gorgeous hair & nail gummies Arechar’s Vitagoli gummies that are filling all the voids lacking in other healthy gummies. 

These gummies not only benefit your hair but regulate insulin, protect your skin from UV radiation, gives radiant glowing skin, slow down aging as well as improve fertility. 


One has to be patient and consistent while taking gummies as it takes time to show the results. It is recommended to take one gummy every day at least for 3 months for better results. Take the gummies as per recommendation, and do not exceed the dosage by itself as it may cause serious health issues. Including, you must understand the fact that supplements can complement the diet but cannot be used as a substitute for diet. Eating a healthy nutritious diet is necessary for overall wellness.

In summary,

Gummies are the best solution for people with busy schedules to grow hair faster and thicker. Follow the dosage religiously to see good results. However, one must talk to their healthcare professional before including any supplement in the diet. 

FAQs ( Frequently asked questions ) 

•    Are there any side effects of this gummy?

There are no such side effects of this hair gummy. But, if you are allergic to some of its ingredients then talk to your healthcare professional before taking supplements.

•    Do I need to consume gummies every day?

Yes, you have to consume it for at least 3 months to see the best results. But, dosage may differ with the condition of an individual. 

•    Can a person with lactose intolerant take this gummy? 

Yes, Arechar’s Vitagoli hair gummies are free from lactose as well as gluten. So, you are free to eat these gummies even with your intolerance.

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