Exploring The Dark Side of Nail Art

Dark Side of Nail Art

Nail Art has become a very popular trend nowadays. People take it as their extension and as a form of expression to show creativity and style. Getting your nails done in pretty colors and patterns can be an outlet to express yourself and showcase your creativity. Getting the nails done in the salon can therapeutic process for you after a long day. Also, clean and well-groomed nails can boost your confidence. However, they may look it is important we understand all the potential damage it can cause to the nails. In this blog let’s first discuss the danger of nail art and then discuss the possible way out of this issue.

Let’s Explore Some of The Dangers of Nail Art –

  • Chemical exposure – most nail art techniques involve the usage of several harsh chemicals such as acrylics and nail polish removers. These harsh chemicals remove the natural oils and moisture from your nails making them dry and brittle. Additionally, exposure to these chemicals for a long time can make your nails and skin sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.
  • Nail damage – overuse of gel extension can weaken the nails by putting too much pressure. The use of heavy embellishments on the nails can weigh them down and distort them.
  • Removing the nail extensions is as much of a tedious task as putting them on. Nail art removal if not done properly can lead to cracks, chips, and trauma to the nail bed.
  • Overfilling of the nails is done to get the nail shape which over time can cause permanent damage to the nail bed. Excess filing can lead to the splitting of the nails and also makes them brittle.
  • Bacterial and fungal infections are quite common if you have bad hygiene or use contaminated products. The moisture trapped between the nails and the extension can form a perfect environment for the bacteria and fungi to thrive and they can cause inflammation and swelling.
  • Some chemicals used in nail art can lead to an allergic reaction and it can lead to redness, inflammation, and itching around the skin.
  • Constantly getting nail art can lead to nail psoriasis where the nails get discolouration and become brittle.
  • Getting elaborate nail art can be very time-consuming and impractical at times. Some designs may take frequent touch-ups and require a lot of effort in maintenance.
  • Maintaining these nails can be quite expensive.

But if nail art is not good for you then how can you improve your nails and make them long and strong? Are you tired of dealing with brittle, weak nails that never seem to grow? Biotin gummies are the perfect solution that can help you achieve your goal of long and strong nails. The gummies incorporate vitamins and minerals that are necessary for achieving healthy nails.

How the Supplements Can Improve the Nails Are –

  • Biotin is a crucial ingredient in Hair Skin and Nails Gummies. It is also known as Vitamin B7 which increases the production of keratin that forms the nails. Biotin makes the nails strong and non-brittle.
  • The biotin present in the gummies can stimulate the production of new cells leading to faster growth of nails. Also, they prevent the cracking, chipping, and discoloration of nails
  • These gummies make the nails shiny healthy and smooth.
  • The gummies contain vitamin C which influences the production of collagen which is good for supporting the growth of nails. Other ingredients include vitamins A and E which can moisturize the nail beds.
  • Zinc is also present which has antioxidant properties hence it protects the nails from damage caused by oxidative stress. The free radicals can lead to nail discoloration and brittleness hence this mineral can protect the nails from such problems.
  • The damage caused by overfilling during nail art can also be reduced as these gummies can improve the condition of the nail beds. The gummies nourish the nail beds and make them soft.
  • Taking these gummies daily can be a holistic approach to improving the nails internally.

Arechar Nutra presents Vitagoli which is one of the best solutions to all the nail problems caused by nail art. These gummies are curated from 100% natural ingredients that work not only on the nails but also on the hair and skin. The gummies contain Sea buckthorn and Grape seed extract as their special ingredients. The sea buckthorn is extremely good for maintaining the oil levels in the skin, nails, and hair. The grape seed extract is a good antioxidant that protects the nails from oxidative stress. Other ingredients such as folate and inositol are also very good at increasing cell production and maintaining overall health.

Adding hair skin and nail gummies to the diet also improves hair growth as the biotin present accelerates hair follicle production and also forms fats that nourish the skin. These gummies can also improve immunity as they have Vitamin C present and they reduce inflammation because of the anti-inflammatory potential of the nails. Also, these gummies improve metabolism by breaking down macronutrients and forming energy.

Key Takeaways

The merits and demerits of Nail Art are like two sides of the coin. It can boost confidence and be a form of self-expression but the potential health risks cannot be overlooked. It is essential for you to strike a balance between the two. With their ability to promote nail growth, strengthen nail structure, and support overall nail health, biotin gummies offer a simple and effective way to achieve the strong, beautiful nails you’ve always wanted. The biotin gummies can be a very convenient and effective way to improve the appearance and health of the nails as well as the hair and skin They provide all the essential nutrients that can make you feel beautiful inside out.

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