15 Ultimate Hair Care Tips for Winter

15 Hair Care Tips for Winter

Winters are here and so are the days of dry and dull hair. But fret not in this blog let us discuss all the hair care tips we need to follow this year to brave the winters. 

Hair care tips for winter – 

Protect your hair from cold

To protect the hair from cold winds it is advisable to cover the scalp with scarves or caps. However, using woollen caps and scarves can cause the hair to break, become static, and form split ends. Therefore use satin and silk scarves to cover the hair before wearing a woollen scarf or cap. Silk or satin fabrics minimize friction and will not cause hair breakage and split ends.

Shampoo less

Using too much shampoo or shampooing too much is also a bad thing for the hair. Shampoo often contains chemicals that when we overuse remove the natural oils from the hair and also make it dry. Major hair care tips for healthy hair would be to avoid using ingredients like alcohol, sulfates, and fragrances. Also, use shampoos to shampoo with gentle formula or natural herbal ingredients.

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Dandruff is one of the major hair problems experienced by a lot of us. Winter makes this problem even worse because of dry scalp. Therefore use shampoo that contains salicylic acid, ketoconazole, and coal tar which reduce the dandruff. 

To control frizz

The cold and dry wind from the winter strips the moisture from the hair and opens the hair cuticles. Frizz refers to when the end of the hair strands break. The main hair care tips for dealing with split ends are getting regular trims and using gentler hair care products.

Regular oiling 

Using the correct type of oil for the hair and doing regular head massages can be a very therapeutic thing. Head massages can promote blood circulation which can have a positive impact on hair growth. Oiling also improves hair growth and reduces the fizziness. It nourishes the complete scalp and makes the hair healthy and smooth.

Proper routine

Having good hair might be genetic or natural to some but maintaining it requires conscious efforts. If you don’t take care of your hair it will look untidy and may become damaged. Hair care tips to maintain routine are using hair care products that are gentle. Secondly using a microfiber towel instead of cotton since cotton tangles the hair. Using oil that suits the hair, regular hair masks, avoiding hair dye, and regular trims are all the hair care tips you should follow.

Use warm water

Taking hot showers during winter is the only thing that motivates us to take the shower in the first place. However, taking hot showers can remove the moisture from hair and make the scalp dry. It also removes the natural oil from the strands. Hence, it is advisable to use warm water instead of very hot water.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water is not just good for the hair and skin but also for the overall health. Water helps in eliminating the toxins, reduces the puffiness, tightens the skin, and maintains the pH balance. For hair, drinking lots of water increases the growth of hair.

Regular haircut

Getting regular haircuts improves the growth of hair. Cutting the ends removes the split ends and makes the hair healthy as the damaged ends are removed. Also, they give a neat look to the person as they split ends and frizz often gives an unkempt look.

Avoid heat for styling 

Using too much heat for straightening, curling, and drying the hair can alter the structure of the hair. Excessive heat can remove all the moisture from the hair making it very porous and damaged. Heat removes the water molecules from the strands changing the structure of the hair. Major haircare tips are letting the hair air dry and using heatless methods to style the hair is recommended.

Wet hair

Avoid going out with wet hair during the winter as it can make you sick. For hair, cold air can make it dry and break the strands. The hair care tips to avoid wet hair would be to take time to dry it before going out and cover it to avoid cold air.

Avoid frequent wash

Winter can make the scalp and hair dry making it itchy and dandruff to increase. Also, shampoo often contains sulfates or other chemicals that can be harsh on the hair and scalp if used too much. Washing the hair every day can remove the natural oils from the hair and make it lifeless.

Good diet

Having a good diet is extremely necessary for having healthy and long hair. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins especially biotin is very good for hair. Eggs are a great source of proteins and also biotin. Berries are full of stuff that is good for hair such as vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C increases collagen production, heals split ends, and stops hair breakage. Spinach is a source of Vitamin A which moisturizes the scalp and stops hair loss.

Use a humidifier

Investing in a humidifier this winter can turn out to be very beneficial to your outer and inner health. A humidifier is a gadget that releases tiny drops of water in the air. It reduces the dryness of winter and balances the humidity. For hair, it reduces frizz, stops it from being dull, and also hydrates the hair.

Take hair supplements 

Hair and Skin Gummies are taking over the hair care tips list for many women because of their plethora of benefits. These gummies are flavored candies that are filled with vitamins and minerals that are good for hair. The main ingredient of these gummies is biotin which is known as the hair and skin vitamin. It is extremely necessary for the hair as the deficiency can cause hair loss and reduced growth. Vitagoli presented by Arechar Nutra is one of the finest choices as it contains biotin, keratin, folate, inositol, and multivitamins that are all good for not just the hair but also for the skin and nails. Vitagoli makes the skin radiant and soft and nails non-brittle.

Summary – 

We have seen a long list of hair care tips above which will definitely help your hair stay healthy and gorgeous this winter. From oiling regularly to washing the hair less. From using a humidifier to using heat less. All these hair care tips are a guaranteed shot to increase hair growth and volume. Choosing which tips you want to follow depends on your time, lifestyle, and willpower.

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